Why Us

Since our inception, we have built our company on the foundation that patients should receive the highest quality product from a source that they trust.


It is our passion for high-grade cannabis and its many derivatives, and the ability to share in that passion with authorized Canadian customers, that has kept this company going.


So why buy from us - we can answer that question in many different ways.

There are many advantages to using a medical marijuana company in Canada. For example, when you buy through us, we promise free shipping for orders over $150 and provide delivery at no additional cost to anywhere in Canada. Also, you won't need to worry about your shipment getting lost in the mail or stolen as we are fully insured and ready to reship your order to you in the event that this happens, at no additional expense to you.

When you put in an order for Canadian medical marijuana through our company, not only know that you are getting an affordable price but know that we use precise quality assurance systems to test and maintain the highest quality product possible. Also, speaking of affordability and having some of the lowest prices in the Canadian medical marijuana marketplace, should you find the same strain and grade offered elsewhere at a better price, we will match.

Receive 100% privacy with a method of purchase that is safe and secure. Adhering to strict privacy standards, offshore servers are purged regularly. Security is upheld to the highest standards and in accordance with this commitment, we do not keep any logs of purchases.

Throughout years of business development, we have brought together a network of quality providers from across Canada and the United States. Operating as one of the premier companies in Canadian-based weed distribution, we have an advantage over our competitors, ensuring that the quality of the product you receive is the best.

Beyond the sophisticated network of growers and providers that we manage, it is our top goal to provide the best customer service that Canada's medical marijuana industry has ever seen. When you have a concern or a question, know that we have representatives on standby who are ready to provide support and information, ensuring that you get the most out of your experience with our brand.

Committed to meeting the highest of standards in quality, delivery, and business performance, we work hard to maintain a reputation as one of the best-rated companies in Canada's medical marijuana marketplace. When you do business with us, you will be getting our very best across all categories.