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Why are cannabis connoisseurs and weed experts turning to shatter? What is shatter? Why is it so popular? These are some of the questions that you might be asking yourself. Allow us to answer them. Shatter is one of the most potent forms of cannabis concentrates available in the cannabis market right now. It is named “Shatter” because it looks and even breaks like glass. It has THC levels that can go up to a whopping 80%. Shatter is a smooth-textured, glass-like, translucent substance with an amber-ish hue derived from terpenes from a cannabis plant. Experts use butane to extract shatter. Users who want to enjoy a potent high can easily visit our online weed dispensary and order premium quality shatter.

DoorBud is the weed dispensary that gives you access to the most premium quality shatter wax in entire Canada. Our shatter sheets come from top-grade cannabis buds extracted with advanced procedures.

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At Doorbud, our online dispensary for the best shatter delivery in Oakville, we offer a wide variety of shatter for your pleasure. If you're looking for high-quality shatter concentrates, we have it all for you.

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How is Shatter Extracted in Oakville?

Shatter is a strain that is extracted and produced from cannabis oil. The extraction process is of two types, one that uses butane and the other that uses carbon dioxide. The final product that appears after successful extraction is known as shatter. The extracted product may have an amber-ish hue, but not always. It depends on how good the extraction process was.

The appearance and consistency also depend on the levels of THC. The extracted shatter may have a taffy-like texture if the THC levels are high.

DoorBud offers its users a wide variety of different products available to you at your doorstep. All our products are extensively lab-tested and sourced from reliable growers in Canada. Once you try our shatter, you’ll never go anywhere else.

Effects of Shatter in Oakville

There are three types of shatter available at our online weed dispensary: Indica dominant shatter, Sativa dominant shatter, and Hybrid shatter.

Indica dominant shatter provides the user with mind and body relaxation. This is why Indica dominant should be used at night time when you are free from all your work with a comfy place to relax.

Sativa dominant shatter will provide the user with a more uplifting and stimulating sensation, making this strain ideal for daytime use. However, you might have to avoid any dangerous activity.

Hybrid dominant shatter balances both Indica and Sativa effects combined. Hybrid shatter provides balanced results making this strain the true winner among the two strains.

Medical Usage of Shatter in Oakville

There is no doubt that shatter is the most potent cannabis strain. Its significant medical usage is well known to provide some medical benefits while still giving a proper high to the user. Shatter has positive effects on symptoms like anxiety, stress, and depression. Shatter also helps alleviate conditions like chronic pain. People who suffer from chemotherapy find shatter an easy way to reduce nauseousness and headaches.

Shatter has some side effects that users can experience if they over-consume. The most common side effects are dry mouth, red eyes, lethargy, and dizziness.

Types of Shatter at our Online Weed Dispensary

Shatter is a part of the weed wax family. It is a transparent glass-like substance that is very potent. There are two types of shatter that you can easily find at DoorBud. There is Budder which is runnier in texture. There is Crumble, which by name suggests that it is more crumbly in texture.

Shatter is rapidly gaining popularity with time. It is tough to get your hands on premium quality shatter, which is why users should buy shatter from authentic sources like DoorBud. Here are some ways you can take your shatter:


Dabbing is the most favourable way of taking shatter. Shatter and dabbing go together like hand in glove. Some users even say this is a match made in heaven for stoners. Dabbing is the perfect way to take shatter because this method lets you inhale the pure content, only the flavourful terpenes. Dabbing is done at low temperatures.


Smoking is the oldest yet the most traditional way to take your shatter. Most of the oldies still smoke their shatter because it is old school. Shatter is smoked by adding a small amount of shatter into your joint. Remember that it could cause irritation and bouts of coughing as shatter tends to become hotter when used in joints.

Vape Pens

Since vaping is the new trend and the safest way to smoke, users can use vape devices to smoke shatter. It is healthier, discrete and provides an easy way to smoke shatter. You have to place your shatter onto the ceramic coil, which then heats the shatter, hence creating inhalable smoke.

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