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Shatter, one of the cannabis family members is made from cannabis oil and extracted either from butane or carbon dioxide. Only if the end product has s high level of THC, then it is said that the Shatter has adequate consistency. At room temperature, shatter becomes more brittle and fragile.

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Doorbud delivers same-day delivery of shatter direct to your door in Mississauga. We offer a wide variety of premium shatter for your pleasure. If you're looking for some of the best shatter is in Mississauga, Doorbud has it in stock.

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Know Your Shatter in Mississauga

Shatter got its name because of its texture. The appearance is quite similar to glass; It has an amber hue and is translucent. Shatter might contain up to 80% THC content in its purest form. The more refined you shatter, the stronger its effects. It comes in a wide variety of THC percentages, and you can select the one that suits you. It is advised that you buy shatter online from authentic sources like Doorbud, your door to weed products. Save your time and money and visit Doorbud today to make the purchase.

You may have seen branded Shatter online, but ask yourself where you can get the best Shatter and that at an affordable price, and the answer is Doorbud. At Doorbud, you can browse a wide variety of shatter products, and we say with confidence that they are made purely from the highest grade of buds around Canada. Our Shatter is lab tested, and the purity level and potency are unmatched. Our products have the most optimal storage condition so that you can get fresh products all the time. We stand behind our products, and we care for our customers more than anything.

Come and select the Shatter that works best for you. Doorbud is your ultimate online weed dispensary in Mississauga.

Shatter and its Benefits

  • Indica dominant's Shatter typically provides a high that relieves the mind and body. It is best used in a comfortable place at night time. This way, the user can relax and have a good time without any disturbance. 
  • Shatter that is Sativa dominant usually provides more uplifting effects, with the most suitable sensation for the daytime. 
  • Shatter with that is Hybrid dominant provides a nice balanced characteristic of Indica and Sativa simultaneously; this is why this is one of the most popular strains in Canada.

Leverage the Medical Benefits of Shatter in Mississauga

Shatter plays a significant role in the medical industry. Each strain of cannabis has its benefits for medicinal purposes. You can use shatter for fun, but it can also cure many medical issues. However, marijuana is famous for providing its high. Still, it is one of the best treatments for stress, anxiety and depression.

Shatter, a proud member of the cannabis family, can help alleviate chronic pain, depression, stress, anxiety and other medical conditions. Shatter usually have a higher percentage of THC, but you can also find Shatter with a high ratio of CBD. The consumer can benefit from Shatter without being influenced by THC. They can finally get their hand on something that can help them in so many ways. The high percentage of CBD on Shatter will be beneficial for many reasons, including reduced pain, depression, stress, anxiety, and more. Shatter can also help as an anti-inflammatory substance. People can also ease the side effects of chemotherapy and headaches with the use of Shatter.

Shatter and Its Side Effects

Although Shatter is safe for users, the most common side effects can be increased blood pressure, increased heartbeat, asthma, a potential infection that includes sinus bronchitis. But these side effects are rare. Sever side effects are only caused because of excessive use of Shatter. 

Types of Shatter

  • It is a part of the weed wax family. Shatter is hard and transparent and appears with a glass-type texture. 
  • Budder is the runnier one, a soft type of wax. 
  • The crumble is a form of wax that has a crumbly texture.

Shatter and Ways To Take It in Mississauga

This unique substance is gradually becoming more popular than other strains. As the number of consumers increases, consumption is also growing with it. One of the most common and traditional ways to consume Shatter is dabbing. It is the perfect combination of smoking methods and materials. Remember to keep the temperature low if you want to get a good high. Also, you have to know the potency of the Shatter before you start dabbing it since every Shatter extract contains different THC levels. We highly recommend starting with the minimal dose and then increasing the quantity if you can handle it.

What do we mean by a minimal dose?

We are talking about the size of a crumb. Yes, it doesn't look like much, but think about the amount of THC you'll take. Dabbing Shatter could be an intense experience for those who have never tried it. But as you keep doing it, your tolerance will increase, and you can increase the amount of Shatter you use.

Smoking is another way to consume shatter. This is one of the traditional and old-school ways of consuming Shatter. Although smoking shatter has a slight drawback, the smoke will become hot and leave you coughing. Add a small amount of Shatter in your joint, and you are good to go.