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Made from top-quality bud, DoorBud carries shatter concentrates and provides home delivery in Milton.

Shatter is a type of concentrated cannabis. Butane is used to extract cannabinoids and terpenes from marijuana buds. Shatter gets its name because its appearance is similar to glass, with a translucent amber-ish hue. A pure Shatter contains THC levels up to 80% making it very strong and appealing. Because Shatter is a potent substance, it is most preferred among many marijuana users.

At DoorBud, you can find a range of various Shatter products extracted from the highest grade buds. With multiple brands and products, the choice is yours! Our weed inventory is lab tested. Each product you buy is tested and guaranteed to deliver you a strong high.

The consistency also depends on the levels of THC. A high THC level gives the product a taffy-like texture. At room temperature, your Shatter may look like sappy oil.

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Doorbud delivers same-day delivery of shatter direct to your door in Milton. We offer a wide variety of premium shatter for your pleasure. If you're looking for some of the best shatter in Milton, Doorbud has it in stock.

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Benefits of Using Shatter in Milton

Indica dominant Shatter provides the user with a strong mind high and body relaxation. It loosens up your muscles, and you feel at peace. Because of these effects, you should use shatter at night when you have no other work to do. Find a nice comfy place in your house before you start the intake.

Sativa dominant shatter induces many uplifting and stimulating sensations, making it a daytime use strain.
Hybrid Sativa has balanced indica and Sativa characteristics, making it the most used and famed strain in Canada. Depending on the cannabis strain, you could get all types of effects, including relaxation, sedation, euphoria, focus, energy, creativity, and more.

Medical Usage of Shatter in Milton

Today, marijuana can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. With its beneficial properties, marijuana has made significant contributions to the medical industry. Although THC is what helps users achieve relaxation, while CBD makes sure users alleviate various medical conditions, including stress, depression and anxiety.

Weed concentrates like Shatter can help consumers alleviate their physical and mental conditions. With new extraction methods, a higher level of CBD in Shatter can help those marijuana users who want to treat their medical needs without getting influenced by THC properties. Since THC levels can make users pretty high, marijuana users prefer to shatter with higher levels of CBD. CBD brings various benefits, including alleviating chronic pain, depression, stress, and anxiety. People who undergo Chemotherapy find shatter a great form of relief from nausea and headaches.

How is Shatter Made?

Before we talk about how shatter is made, let us remind you that professionals should only do it, including working with solvents that could be dangerous. Generally, the method of making concentrates is almost similar. The difference is the process that comes after extraction. Professionals use a pressurized solvent to separate the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant to make shatter. The solvent is passed through a chamber that contains the plant and purges all the undesirable plant matter. What remains is pure concentrate. Once the solvent has done its work, it is removed completely to avoid contamination in the concentrate. People use various solvents to make concentrates, but the most common one is Butane Hash Oil (BHO). Other solvents include Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) or ethanol.

Shatter and Its Side Effects

Although Shatter is safe for users, the most common side effects can be increased blood pressure, increased heartbeat, asthma, a potential infection that includes sinus bronchitis. But these side effects are rare. Sever side effects are only caused because of excessive use of Shatter. 

Types of Shatter

  • It is a part of the weed wax family. Shatter is hard and transparent and appears with a glass-type texture. 
  • Budder is the runnier one, a soft type of wax. 
  • The crumble is a form of wax that has a crumbly texture.

Ways to Take Shatter

Shatter is getting more and more popular each day. As the consumers are increasing, so is the demand, and with it, new ways to take shatter. Here at Doorbud, we not only provide the weed, but we also educate our customers about it so they can get the most bang for their buck.

  • Dabbing

    Shatter and dabbing go hand in glove, a match made in stoner’s heaven. Dabbing is one of the most used and admired ways to intake shatter. Dabbing requires low temperature since it leaves behind some residue. It happens even in the lowest settings. But once you have dabbed, you will fall in love with shatter all over again.

  • Smoking

    The oldies prefer to smoke Shatter, the traditional way. Users who like to puff reefers use a small amount of Shatter in the form of joints. This method heats the Shatter, and users may experience coughing. The smoke created while smoking shatter is dense and hotter than usual smoke. It is recommended to keep a glass of water ready beside you just in case. You may need to be prepared before smoking shatter, and if you are a beginner, you might want to reconsider dabbing.

  • Vaping

    Since vaping is trending, it is now possible to use shatter in vape devices. Vapes are safer and provide a better way to smoke shatter in the smoke market. It is a healthier and discreet way of smoking cannabis. To smoke shatter through the vape, all you need is a ceramic coiled heating element or just ceramic. Vape pens will act like your dab rigs to help your smoke shatter in the most discreet way possible.

  • Eating

    Like all other weed concentrates, shatter also needs to be infused in edibles if you want to eat it. The easy way is to dissolve shatter in cooking oil or any fat used in your favourite dish. Since shatter is a potent substance, it is advised to stick to minimal dosage initially, especially for beginners. Users must be patient if they consume shatter through edibles as it will take time to get digested by the system.

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