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Hash or Hashish is one of the oldest methods of consuming cannabis concentrates. At Doorbud, we are proud to offer you the highest quality hash online in Burlington—that too at your doorstep. We offer the most premium quality Hash.

buy hash online

Same-Day Hash Delivery in Burlington

You could be looking for Afghani Hash or Moroccan Hash, or you want to experiment with a new concentrate; Doorbud is your go-to online weed dispensary in Burlington. With our same-day delivery, you can enjoy it TODAY! We guarantee nothing but the highest quality hash delivered to your doorstep.

Hash has been in the market for a long time. Some say it is the oldest form of cannabis concentrate. Whether you agree or not, one thing is certain: it is just as popular today as it was back in the day. There are new and improved ways of making hash and enjoying it thanks to technology. Whether you want to enjoy it with some friends or individually, we’ve got the best hash concentrates for you.

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How is Hash Made?

Hash comes from the marijuana plant like any other weed product, but it’s not created the same way. Marijuana experts put mature cannabis flowers through multiple sieves until they have a resin-rich powder on their hands. Once that is done, the powder is compressed and heated so that the resins melt together. Mostly you will see hash in the form of bricks. It has various recreational and medical benefits that attract patients. Hash is sweeping the legal cannabis markets by storm. More and more people are turning towards it for a more potent high.

Where Does Hash Originally Come From?

Hash comes from the Arabic word, “Hashish.” It means “grass” and is thought to be popularized around AD 900. This information is debatable as some say “Charas” has been documented before using hashish. Charas is the collection of resin by hands. Cannabis farmers would collect the resin from the trichomes and put it together.

Hashish made its way from Africa into Europe in the early 19th century. As more and more European expeditions went to Africa, they became more popular. Doctors started importing hashish to run tests and conduct research, resulting in hashish making its way into the pharmaceutical market. By the 20th century, cannabis had become a major component of western pharmacopeia. Soon it was outlawed, but nobody could put it out of existence, and it stayed in the black market until legalization began again.

Different Types of Hash

Dry sift Hash

As more and more countries started legalizing cannabis, Hash saw itself in the limelight once again. Countries like Afghanistan, Morocco, and Nepal saw an exponential increase in hash exports. At the time, the Hash coming into the western countries was old-school. It was hard-pressed into bricks using heat and pressure. As technology advanced, so did the methods of making Hash. In the late 1900s, the machine was invented by John Gallardi called the “master sifter.” This machine vibrates and separates the trichomes from the plant, and that is how we get dry-sift Hash.

Ice water (bubble) hash

Another popular way of producing Hash is through water extraction. Nowadays, it is called bubble hash or ice water hash. Reinhard C. Delp was the inventor of the equipment and introduced it at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997. His design would go through various iterations until it could make ice water hash perfectly.

How To Assess Hash in Burlington?

The only way to ensure you get a potent high and enjoy it is by making sure you have good quality hash. The problem with hash is that it doesn’t smell like the cannabis strain it was taken from, and the same is true for the density or taste. One of the best ways to ensure that you have quality hash is to buy it from a reliable online weed dispensary in Burlington, like Doorbud. The other thing you can do is use the “bubble test” to check the hash. All you need to do is put your hash near a flame. If the resins start to bubble, it’s a good hash. If it’s top-notch, like the kind you can get from Doorbud in Burlington, it’ll quickly catch on fire.

Why is Hash from DoorBud Popular in Burlington?

Hash is famous all over Canada, and the reason is simple. People love it because it is easy to get and is more potent than regular flowers. You can also consume it in different ways like smoking, vaping, or dabbing, among other things. We offer multiple options, so you have many choices and versatility.

You can use a blunt, spliff, or a regular joint if you want to smoke hash. To consume your favourite hash, you can also use a bubbler, bong, or a simple bowl. And we all know how to use a dab rig to consume hash and experience the most incredible high. Don’t have any of these things available? All you need are two knives, and you can be on your way to high-heaven.

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