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GENUINE Products

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Free 3.5g Added to all Orders

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If you are after the highest quality Indica weed strains in Burlington, look at none other than DoorBud! We carry an excellent selection of Indica flowers, which you can buy at reasonable prices. In our online cannabis dispensary, you can find Indica flowers in AA to AAAAA grades. Blue Dream, Bubba Kush, and Grandaddy Purple, to name some of the Indica flowers you can find here.

As Indica flowers produce more of a body high with sedating and relaxing effects, they are ideal for nighttime use. Indica weed as medical marijuana can help cannabis users fight pain, insomnia, nausea, and poor appetite. 

At DoorBud, we offer medical-grade Indica strains, which you can confidently use for the aforementioned purpose or recreationally. You can also count on our cannabis dispensary for quick Indica weed delivery to your doorstep in Burlington.  

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Sativa is unlike Indica because of the energizing and uplifting effects it triggers in users. By the same token, Sativa flowers are best consumed in the daytime. If you are after top-notch Sativa weed strains in Burlington, look at none other than DoorBud! We offer the finest quality Sativa flowers, including coveted ones at the right prices.

As an example, you can find and buy strains like Gorilla Glue, Jack Herer, and Super Silver Haze here. Sativa strains produce more of a head high, so they are upper, in general, rather than a downer. These strains as medical marijuana can help you effectively combat depression and anxiety. Whether you are after Sativa weed for recreational or medical use in Burlington, DoorBud has got you covered!

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Do you seek balanced effects of Indica and Sativa from weed? If yes, Hybrid weed strains in Burlington will best fit your needs. At DoorBud, you can find an excellent selection of Hybrid weed, including 50-50, Indica-dominant, and Sativa-dominant Hybrid flowers. Blue Dream, Bruce Banner, and Green Crack, to mention some of them.  

In our online cannabis dispensary in Canada, you can find Hybrid weed, ranging from AA to AAAAA-grade quality. Hybrid flowers are certainly your thing if you seek a balanced, creative, and relaxing high without overwhelming effects. You can also contact our dispensary employee to help you choose Hybrid flowers bespoke to your needs.

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As a weed enthusiast, you may love cannabis but do not prefer vaping or smoking marijuana. Luckily, you have the solution in the form of cannabis edibles in Burlington to consume cannabis and experience its benefits. At DoorBud, you can find a variety of flavourful cannabis edibles, such as LUX THC-Infused Gummies, Fire Bars - Cappuccino Milk Chocolate, etc.

Weed edibles are surely your thing if you seek a discreet and flavourful option to enjoy cannabis. We offer high-quality weed edibles, so you can confidently buy them from our online cannabis dispensary.

At DoorBud, you can find an excellent selection of weed vape pens, including rechargeable and disposable vape pens. Gas Gang Vape Pens and Pack Man Shatter Vape Pens, to mention a few of them.

Cannabis vape pens that you can buy from our online cannabis dispensary are available in different strain flavours. They are not only affordable but also portable. So, you can confidently buy cannabis vape pens from our online cannabis dispensary if you enjoy vaping cannabis.

You may find it difficult to roll your perfect joints. This is where you may consider getting your hands on cannabis pre-rolls in Burlington. In our online cannabis dispensary, you can find an excellent selection of premium-quality pre-rolled joints, including Indica and Sativa. 

Buying high-quality pre-rolls from DoorBud means you save time and effort to best enjoy smoking your joints. Pre-rolls are also a budget-friendly and more affordable option to consume weed as compared to other methods. So, you may get your hands on pre-rolled joints from DoorBud and enjoy marijuana without breaking the bank. 

Shatter is one of the sought-after cannabis concentrates in Burlington because of its unique appearance and high potency. It is the broken glass-like appearance of this concentrate that distinguishes it from other marijuana concentrates. The popular methods to enjoy shatter are dabbing, smoking, and vaping. Besides, you can buy rechargeable Pack Man Shatter Vape Pens from our online cannabis dispensary.

Hash, short for hashish, is a popular cannabis concentrate that you can find and buy in Burlington. Cannabis connoisseurs have cherished hashish for centuries that vary in texture, colour, and consistency based on how it is prepared. There are different ways cannabis enthusiasts smoke hash, such as through bongs and pipes.

Weed Delivery in Burlington at Your Service

Look no further if you are looking for the easiest, most convenient, and fastest way to enjoy your favourite cannabis product. Doorbud will be at your door, with your weed delivery on the same day. Most of our customers are repeat customers because they find us reliable, discreet, and our products exactly what we said they would be.

Thanks to the legalization of weed, things have changed a lot. More and more people are using weed for medicinal or recreational purposes. Gone are the days when you would text a friend who would text a friend, and a couple of days later, you would have the weed delivered to you. Today, Burlington residents enjoy access to a wide range of premium quality weed products from Doorbud.

Reasons to Choose DoorBud for Cannabis Delivery in Burlington

  • Top-Notch Marijuana

We believe in offering first-rate marijuana only to our cannabis customers. By the same token, we stock high-quality flowers, which we source from British Columbia (BC) and reputable growers. Other marijuana products that we offer are also of premium quality, such as edibles and vape pens. Choosing DoorBud for marijuana delivery means you are getting premium-quality weed.

  • Quick and Same-Day Weed Delivery

We comprehend the importance of time for you. For the same reason, we offer same-day weed delivery service in Burlington. Our same-day weed delivery is quick and affordable at the same time. If you select our same-day weed delivery, rest assured you will access the marijuana you order at our dispensary fast!

  • Discreet Weed Delivery

We also respect the privacy of our customers, so also offer discreet weed delivery. In order to receive your weed order discreetly, you can choose our MOM delivery service. If you do, we shall deliver your order via the mail, ensuring your discretion.

  • Friendly Customer Service 

Our dispensary staff is friendly and ensures it provides customers with excellent service. Our friendly dispensary employees feel more than happy to answer our customers’ queries and help them choose the right products. So, you may get in touch with our dispensary staff to clear your concerns if you have any.

  • Free Weed

We also offer 3.5 grams of free weed to our customers on every order. It is also what distinguishes us from our competitors.  

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