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Shatter Bars

Sweeten up your daily stash for a delightfully dreamy experience!

Getting high is not just for kids anymore—now indulge your sweet tooth with these euphoria extractions shatter bars. Each bar contains the perfect balance of THC and CBD, without any sugar or GMO's! Euphoria Extractions specializes in vaporizer liquids and marijuana products, this shatter bar will leave you feeling like Willy Wonka himself. So go ahead and make a great day better with one of our milky chocolate indica shatter bars today!

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Why Choose Shatter Bars

Imagine a chocolate bar made with only the most premium of local, sustainable ingredients. Now imagine that chocolate is infused with cannabis concentrates from different strains and flavors from all over the world. Then it's been chopped up into perfect squares of edible cruelty-free beauty for your personal enjoyment! That’s what Euphoria Extractions shatter bars are all about, delivering tasty edibles infused with 100% natural terpene extracts while retaining their THC potency!

Whether you want to spark some creativity before a long brainstorm session or relax on a lazy day in, these diamond white bars will create euphoric sensations throughout your entire body. And they taste great too! Created by California cannasseur Calvin Bradley and his friends at Euphoria Extracts.

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GENUINE Products

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Free 3.5g Added to all Orders