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Sativa Weed Strains

Are you looking for “Daytime Cannabis”? Don’t worry. That’s just another name for Sativa strains. It is known as the daytime strain because of its effects. It makes you alert, euphoric and boosts your energy and focus.

We have some of the best Sativa strains online that you could want in Canada. Doorbud is your doorway to the best strains available in the market.

We only carry Sativa strains from the best and most experienced growers. So, what are you waiting for? Come and browse our collection of Sativa strains and select the strains that are right for you.

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Why Choose Sativa Weed Strain

People often make the wrong decision of choosing Indica or Hybrid weed strains because they want to get high. But what one should consider when choosing weed is the following: what effects will I gain after consuming this strain? If one wants to combat depression, stress, fatigue and burnout, they should choose Sativa over Indica and Hybrid weed strain. Many benefits come with using sativa weed strain. These include an increased focus on work while maintaining composure, clear-headedness even with a small amount consumed, and staying awake without feeling drowsy. Moreover, people who suffer from anxiety can use sativa to control their anxiety throughout the day while still feeling energized enough to do more activities than usual.

It is always better to know about the product before you buy it. Sativa is a subcategory of the cannabis family. There’s Sativa, Indica, and hybrid strains. We all know that these strains contain a particular ratio of CBD and THC. However, the Sativa strain has a high CBD ratio compared to other strains.

The sativa weed strain is an incredible choice for those looking to elevate their moods, fight depression and anxiety, or get some work done. The sativa effects are usually associated with feelings of euphoria, creativity, focus, energy, happiness, socialization - the list goes on!