Drizzle Rockets Pre-Rolls (1.2g)

Drizzle Rockets Pre-Rolls (1.2g)



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Drizzle Rockets Pre-Rolls (1.2g) Information

Introducing Drizzle Rockets Infused Pre-Rolls, the epitome of cannabis luxury. These infused pre-rolls feature 1.2g of carefully selected flower, meticulously pre-rolled for your convenience. Experience the next level of indulgence as each pre-roll is dipped in premium distillate, delivering a smooth and flavorful smoke. To add a touch of extravagance, we frost the pre-rolls in HTFSE Diamonds, creating a dazzling and potent masterpiece. Elevate your cannabis experience with Drizzle Factory Rockets Infused Pre-Rolls and indulge in the ultimate luxury.

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