Red Lebanese Hash

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Red Lebanese Hash


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Red Lebanese Hash Information

Red Lebanese hashish is named, in its homeland of Lebanon, as (red) “Lebanese” hash; the typical colour of the oil-like substance is due to a high presence of red hairs.

Appearance: Red Lebanese tends to be on the chunkier side when it comes to hash, with large chunks that are orange or rust coloured (but can also appear very dark). A typical nug will have red hairs just about everywhere. The typical size of the rock is quite larger than average with big chunks easily over 1/2″. When broken up into smaller pieces you’ll notice just how oily this stuff actually looks and feels – definitely nothing like your standard baggie weed!

Performance: For day-to-day smokers, Red Lebanese hashish might be a little too strong. The effects are incredibly long-lasting and can last up to 8 hours, making it perfect for medicating severe pain or other illnesses. As with all strong hashes, take it easy your first time trying it!

Fragrance: It has a very earthy smell that is often described as ‘skunky’.

Flavour: Red Lebanese hashish tastes spicy and pungent with a hint of sweetness – similar to Afghan hash but with a more intense flavour.

Red Lebanese hash is made from the resin of the cannabis plant, which is collected by hand then pressed into blocks or balls. The most potent form of hash, it is mainly enjoyed in North Africa and the Middle East.

Red Lebanese hash is commonly mixed with other products, mainly tobacco or cannabis, to create different forms of joint and blunt paper. Be sure to use a good rolling technique!

Red Lebanese is said to increase sexual desire and induce heightened states of euphoria and creativity. It also has the ability to give users that lazy feeling we all know and love. To put it simply: red Lebanese is one hell of a drug!

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