Fire Chews – Watermelon (200mg THC)

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Fire Chews – Watermelon (200mg THC)


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Fire Chews – Watermelon (200mg THC) Information

Doorbud proudly presents Firechews Watermelon with 200mg THC. It is more than enough to knock anyone’s socks off, and that’s why it’s a favourite among stoners and medical marijuana users alike. As you put one in your mouth, you’ll feel the fresh juicy flavour that’ll take your taste buds on a ride like no other. You’ll think that you’ve been transported to the good old summer days, enjoying under the sun. Once the THC kicks in, you’ll feel like you are actually there.

Firechews Watermelon are gummy cannabis edibles for veteran cannabis users or medical marijuana users, but beginners can take them too. Infused with premium, full-spectrum THC concentrates, the Firechews Watermelon are perfect if you want to control your dosage and manage the amount of THC you want to take. They are small in size and can be carried around easily without arousing anyone’s suspicion. Nobody will know what you have and what you’re taking. You can enjoy them as you like no matter where you are. Just put one Firechews Watermelon in your mouth and savour the treat of sweet watermelon flavour. Once the THC kicks in, you will sink into relaxation and leave all your troubles behind.

THC has a vital role to play against various illnesses and ailments, mental and physical alike. It can help you with anxiety, depression, and stress and take away your aches and pains, muscle spasms. It can also help you with insomnia and lack of appetite.

Recreational users also love Firechews Watermelon as they increase the fun at any party. Share them with friends or use them when you’re alone; you cannot go wrong with Firechews Watermelon.

Remember that edibles like Firechews Watermelon take some time before showing their true colours, so wait for at least 90 minutes before taking another piece. Don’t worry if the effects don’t show right away. Firechews Watermelon with 200mg THC should be stored away from regular edibles as children might reach for them. Do not keep them under direct sunlight. Firechews Watermelon are gluten-free, so go ahead and order a bunch from Doorbud right now.

Out of stock

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