Fire Chews – Peach (200mg THC)

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Fire Chews – Peach (200mg THC)


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Fire Chews – Peach (200mg THC) Information

Every Cannabis user in Canada already knows Firebars. They have been producing chocolate edibles for quite some time now. This time around, they are bringing a new product to you. Doorbud presents “Firechews.” Your new best friend. Firechews are available in various flavours. Consuming gummies is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to take cannabis. The people who want to use cannabis for medical purposes have a better way to consume it than smoking or vaping it. Firechews, peach flavoured gummies contain a total of 200mg THC. The bag has five pieces which makes it around 40mg per piece. The best thing about edibles is that you always know how much you are taking, and the same is true for Firechews peach flavoured. Patients can use peach-flavoured Firechews for stress, anxiety, depression, and physical ailments like hunger, pain, aches, and insomnia.

Firechews aren’t only for medical marijuana users. They are also famous for recreational purposes.

Want to go hang out with friends? Just get a bag of peach-flavoured Firechews in your pocket. You can carry them discretely and use them wherever you like. You can share, although you might not feel like it after having one yourself. Firechews gummies are delicious, flavourful, and bring on a strong case of “Why not just consume them yourself?” These delectable treats will have your mouth watering, and you’ll keep coming back to Doorbud for more. They are also vegan and gluten-free!

Firechews are made with the finest sugar, corn syrup, potato starch, citric acid, tartaric acid, artificial flavours and artificial colours. They are not suitable for people with diabetes. They might contain traces of nuts, so if you have any allergies, check with your doctor before having them.

All edibles have a delayed time effect, and their high lasts longer than smoking. If you don’t feel anything after taking an edible, don’t reach for another one. Wait for at least 90 minutes. Cannabis edibles look a lot like ordinary edibles, so you have to keep them separately. Make sure that they are not in reach of children. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive under the influence.

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