Fire Chews – Black Cherry (200mg THC)

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Fire Chews – Black Cherry (200mg THC)


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Fire Chews – Black Cherry (200mg THC) Information

Some people think of cherries as boring or one-dimensional. But here at Doorbud, we know the taste of cherries and the enjoyment and deliciousness it brings. Cherries are among the most popular flavours in any product, so why wouldn’t we offer you cannabis edibles in black cherry flavour? It is the most logical thing.

Black Cherries are the sweet cousins of Sour Cherries and are filled with a surprising burst of flavours. Doorbud offers you the same tried and tested taste infused with the highest quality THC. Whether you want to use cannabis for recreational or medical purposes, you cannot go wrong with Firechews – Black Cherry (200mg THC).

Cannabis edibles have come a long way and are now immensely popular among medical marijuana users. They can aid with various ailments, including anxiety, stress, depression, aches, pains, and Insomnia, and they taste good.

Cannabis edibles like the Firechew – Black Cherry (200mgTHC) are easy to carry. You can just put them in your pocket as you leave the house. They don’t have the signature weed smell, so you don’t have to be conscious when you’re in a public place. They are easy to take, just break off a piece and eat it. And they are easy for calculating the dosage. Every time you take a piece, you know exactly what amount of THC you are consuming.

Cannabis edibles like Firechews – Black Cherry (200mg THC) are also popular among recreational users for mostly all the reasons mentioned above. Are you going to a party? Just order a few packs from Doorbud and take them with you. You’ll instantly become the center of attention, and everybody would want a piece. They are also a great companion when you just want to enjoy some “Me Time.” Grab a book, put on a movie on Netflix and g

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