Fire Bars – Peaches and Cream

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Fire Bars – Peaches and Cream


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Fire Bars – Peaches and Cream Information

Firebars are mostly known for their chocolate cannabis edibles. They have made a name for themselves far and wide, and now they come to you with something new, innovative, and flavourful. Doorbud introduces the Firebars peaches and cream flavour containing 140mg THC. You’ve never tasted anything like this before. A diverse and delicious flavour, peaches and cream will have you begging for more. At Doorbud, you can purchase any amount of Firebars – peaches and cream easily and discreetly.

Do you have a boring event to go to? Are you looking for something to spice up your life? What better than cannabis edibles from Doorbud? They are easy to order, easy to carry around, don’t give off any smell, and can be taken discreetly anywhere you want. We also offer same-day delivery service to our customers.

Firebars are also hugely popular among medical marijuana users. Patients use them for various ailments, including tension, stress, depression, and anxiety. People can easily keep an eye on the amount of THC they are taking, which makes edibles much more user-friendly than any other way of consuming cannabis.

Edibles take some time before showing their proper effects, so make sure to wait between any two pieces. Just take a piece of chocolate and enjoy the taste. Wait at least 90 minutes before taking another mouth-watering bite. Also, these cannabis edibles are easy to confuse with regular edibles like chocolate, so keep them separate. Please do not put them in places where children might easily get to them. Keep out of direct sunlight. The Firebars peaches and cream are vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

People love Firebars – peaches and cream so much that we have a hard time restocking our supplies. Don’t wait for too long.
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6 in stock

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